Appreciate the Art Around The Village Shops, Created by Raymond Lutgert!

During a stroll around The Village Shops you’re sure to discover a number of sculptures created by the late Raymond Lutgert, a businessman, developer of Park Shore, philanthropist, and a gifted sculptor of many pieces not only at The Village but all around Southwest Florida.

When taking time to admire the designs of these sculptures scattered around our community, most are shocked to discover that Lutgert developed a love, passion, and talent for sculpting at the age of 65. After taking a class at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, Lutgert acquired the skills of an acclaimed artist and went on to create over 200 pieces.

The Village Shops is home to five of these highly admired works of art including: Transitions, Water Nymph, Prelude,Minor Tragedy, and Human Race. Specifically, Human Race has become a landmark at The Village Shops, tall in stature, eye-catching,  and located on the corner of Park Shore Drive and Gulf Shore Boulevard North. Human Race is also recognizable in our community as one of four replicas, another of which can be found at Florida Gulf Coast University.


Sculptures: Raymond L. Lutgert 1990



This sculpture serves as the perfect transition from a path of palm trees to a path of ficus trees when heading towards the entrance of The Village Shops. These stones merge together to create a beautiful sculpture with the picturesque backdrop of palm trees, painting the path of Gulf Shore Blvd. N.


Water Nymph

Nymphs are generally regarded as personifications of nature and are typically tied to a specific place or landform. The Water Nymph in particular is a nymph inhabiting or presiding over water. The Water Nymph sculpture is displayed as part of a fountain leading to MiraMare waterfront restaurant.



Prelude is an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important. This sculpture, featuring intricate line details in stone, is situated as you cross over to the south side of The Village and is perched on the pathway introducing more shopping and dining to be found ahead.


Minor Tragedy

While sipping your morning coffee in the courtyard in front of Black Letter Coffee + Café, you’ll come across this sculpture titled Minor Tragedy. The visual of this sculpture represents just that, the tragedy of a mother consoling her child after the cast steel ice cream cone melted on the stone platform.


Human Race

This structure features stainless steel columns rising over 25 feet in height striding towards the Gulf of Mexico from the corner of Park Shore Drive and Gulf Shore Blvd North. At any given moment, the Naples sunshine reflects off of these textured columns capturing the attention of walkers, bikers, and drivers going about their day.


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From the drive down Park Shore, to exploring both the North and South of The Village Shops, you’ll see endless examples of the lasting impression Raymond Lutgert made on Naples from the development of the land to the sculptures that reside here. Get your steps in by taking an Art Walk around The Village Shops, located at 4200 Gulf Shore Blvd North Naples, Florida 34103.

The Village Shops can be reached by calling 239-261-6100. To stay up-to-date on the latest happenings and for a full directory listing, visit The Village Shops website at, Facebook/Instagram/TikTok pages @VenetianVillage, and Twitter @VenetianNaples.