Chico’s Wants to Know, “How Bold Are You?”

From the beginning, the Chico’s brand has strongly believed in the power of originality. The new “How Bold Are You?” campaign follows the same philosophy, calling all women to color outside the lines, wear what they want, and turn their style up to eleven.

Inspired by the world around us – and the bold women who live in it – Chico’s prints, colors, jewelry, and details are designed to showcase originality. Every carefully crafted style is created to be unique, inspire women to feel good no matter their age, and help express personality and individuality with confidence.

The fashionable and friendly associates are readily available to provide styling expertise. Head over to Chico’s, located on the north side of The Village Shops in suite 214, to bring out your boldness.

As Chico’s wisely stated, “I’m not growing older. I’m growing BOLDER.”