Exclusive Interview with Santa & Mrs. Claus before they returned to the North Pole!

The Village Shops on Venetian Bay is happy to have Santa and Mrs. Claus join us each year to help spread Christmas cheer! Santa and Mrs. Claus are special guests during November and December for Grand Illuminations, Holiday on the Bay, the Boat Parade, and Santa Paws. They make the perfect team at our annual events, Santa taking complimentary photos with all the guests while Mrs. Claus reads Christmas stories.

We are here to help you get to know the two people that make the holiday season so special in the Naples’ North Pole.

Question: How many years have you joined The Village Shops for holiday events?

Santa: I have celebrated 11 years with The Village Shops. 

Mrs. Claus: This year was my 9th holiday season.


Question: What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Santa: The Excitement! There is no greater joy than seeing the smiles on the children’s faces as they experience the overall magic of the holidays. Each child has a different personality, but they all have the same excitement when waiting in line to take photos and talking about their wish list.

Mrs. Claus: For many of the children, they expect to only see Santa Claus, so when they enter the wonderland created by the Village Shops with stories with Mrs. Claus, entertainment, snow shows, face painting, and animals their faces light up. It is amazing to witness the excitement and innocence brought out during the holidays.


Question: What is your favorite memory at The Village Shops?

Santa: The large attendance each event is heartwarming, with families coming near and far to celebrate the holidays. There are families that anticipate the event and join us every year, and there are families that stumble upon the event when boating by or dining at the restaurants. No matter the situation, all guests are overwhelmed with happiness and eager to join the festivities and share their stories. 

Mrs. Claus: I love getting to know the families and enjoying special moments with the children that they will remember for years to come.


Question: What Christmas story do you enjoy reading to the children?

Santa: Rudolph is one of my favorites and a favorite among the children because they love to join in the skit and act out Rudolph.

Mrs. Claus: Santa Mouse is my favorite Christmas story, a poem about a little mouse traveling and delivering presents with Santa. I also love reading the popular holiday favorites – The Grinch, Santa Letter, and Rudolph.


Question: What sweets do you love to eat during the holidays?

Santa: I love Pepsi! When the children ask what to leave by the tree on Christmas Eve, I tell them cookies and Pepsi are my two favorite treats.

Mrs. Claus: A Ben & Jerry’s sprinkle ice cream cone is my favorite sweet. After the events, Santa and I enjoy ice cream cones at Ben & Jerry’s and continue visiting with families.