Falguni Shane Peacock Trunk Show at À-Tout-Âge!

À-Tout-Âge is hosting a Falguni Shane Peacock Trunk Show this Friday, March 10th and Saturday, March 11th from 10am-7pm.


About the Brand:

Falguni Shane Peacock are established leading global luxury couture designers with a glorious span of 18 years. The brand has constantly pushed its boundaries to create luxury looks season after season and evolved with every season. Falguni Shane Peacock extends its frontiers by infusing traditional craftsmanship in contemporary techniques and experimenting with silhouettes and colours every season. The brand has advanced in terms of design sensibilities and technology by pioneering features such as virtual styling that let Falguni Shane Peacock personally design and co-create ensembles virtually.

The brand has a remarkable reputation for translating its DNA and philosophies into every finely crafted ensemble by amalgamating imagination with reality, traditional with contemporary, and infusing true elements of luxury to it. The designers are positioned famously for their classic design sensibilities and timeless qualities that make them a favourite amongst celebrities.

Celebrate the spirit of Bohemia with fun and breezy silhouettes. The collection has a mix of unusual prints, colours and elements blended together and bringing the brand’s kaleidoscopic vision to reality.

À-Tout-Âge is located on the north side of The Village Shops in suite 704. For more information, call the boutique at 239-304-8043 or visit their website at https://a-tout-age.com.