A Fun Day at the Venetian Carnival!!

With the help of beads, balloons, masks, and photos, The Village Shops on Venetian Bay brought the Mardi Gras spirit to life this weekend. On Saturday, February 17th, The Village Shops hosted their annual family friendly Venetian Carnival, providing entertainment and fun for all ages.

The children eagerly rotated between face painting, mask decorating, and balloon twisting stations.

As the children stepped into the face painting chairs, they entered a fantasy world. Elaborate designs and the colors of the rainbow transformed little girls into princesses and little boys into superheroes.

Meanwhile, the balloon twisters turned ordinary into extraordinary, twisting and turning the balloons to create masterpieces. The balloon twisters made swords, crowns, animals, and all other requests.

Next stop was the mask decoration station. A little dose of creativity and a whole lot of fun turned simple masks into sparkling masterpieces.

The parents and children adorned their masks with green, purple, and gold stickers of all different shapes and sizes.

With faces painted, masks on, and balloon art in hand, families headed to the Mardi Gras themed photo booth to capture their Venetian Carnival memories. Selecting from a plethora of Mardi Gras themed props, families captured the perfect photo, receiving a framed and email copy of the photo to remember the day.

We hope to see you next year at our Venetian Carnival on the Bay!