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One undeniable fact about COVID-19 is its effect on local businesses, which are essential to our local economy, not to mention incredibly vital and unique to our community. The current pandemic, on a positive note, has boosted society’s shop local mindset and has highlighted the critical importance of small businesses in our economic makeup. Local businesses at The Village Shops have too many positive impacts to count – making our community unique with one-of-a-kind offerings, creating local jobs, keeping money within the local economy, and many more. Local Naples businesses make up the character of the community and make Naples different from every other city in the world.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, both businesses and consumers are learning to adapt to the new rules, restrictions, and regulations while continuing to keep up with what is considered the new “normal”. The Village Shops retailers and restaurants have been diligently working to continue to provide highly sought-after products and services to customers throughout this pandemic. In doing so, new practices have been employed to increase health and safety while still providing to the local community. Now, more than ever, the local businesses at The Village Shops would love to have your support through shopping, eating, spending, and enjoying local.

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Supporting your favorite local Village businesses can be done in a number of ways – stopping by to shop and dine, purchasing gift cards to be used at a later date, ordering takeout, shopping via alternate outlets (online websites, zoom, curbside, etc.), posting an online review, sharing retailer/restaurant posts on social media, purchasing spa/salon products, or scheduling a reservation or service for a later date.

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These are some of the many ways that you can help support your favorite shops and restaurants at The Village Shops. By shopping, eating, spending, and enjoying local, you are making a huge positive impact on the local economy and making Naples even more of a destination location in Florida.