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Treasure Trove of Ancient Roman Coins at Casanova Venetian Glass & Art!

Casanova Venetian Glass & Art has acquired an incredible treasure trove of Ancient Roman coins which were collected by an Archaeologist during his 50 years of excavations in Italy.  These artifacts were personally found by him and now that he has retired he has chosen to sell them.

Each coin is set in a pendant with sterling silver chain, or sterling silver with 24K gold plating over the sterling.  This is the best display of Roman coins that Casanova Venetian Glass & Art has seen, other than in a museum.

See each of the coins below!

1) “Jesus Christ Coin” One of first coins to ever feature the image of Jesus.  Bronze.  Circa 1070 AD.

2) “Roman Chariot Coin” Silver coin, very rare, and in excellent condition.   Circa 130 BCE.

3) “Roman Gladiators in Battle Coin” Silver coin, very rare, excellent condition.  Circa 100 BCE.

4) “Emperor for 21 Days, Gordianus Coin”, Bronze, excellent condition.  Circa 230 AD.